Become a Volunteer

“Volunteering benefits communities, the economy and the health and wellbeing of volunteers.”


At Carrie’s Place, volunteers are an invaluable asset and help us to deliver the important services to our clients in the communities in which we operate. We rely on the generosity of individuals and corporate partners who provide regular volunteer support and those who volunteer for specific projects or events, depending on the organisational needs, at any given time.

We are committed in providing meaningful and fulfilling volunteer opportunities based on an Individual’s skill set and experience, and we fully understand the importance of purposeful work and the desire to feel valued and appreciated. Other benefits of volunteering can also include providing social contact, building self-esteem, acquiring new skills and doing something worthwhile to help others.

If you have any questions regarding current volunteer opportunities, please contact us on Please note that due to the nature of our work, we have a stringent and comprehensive registration process, so please check in with us before completing the form as we want to ensure that we can meet your needs. We, in no way, want to diminish your desire to work with us, however our clients’ needs are at the heart of every decision and guide our priority areas.

Types of Volunteer Work

Office/administration work, accommodation work, maintenance roles, speciality experience (e.g. marketing, graphic design) and event/campaign work – more information below.

Information about event volunteering

Event work can vary depending on the type and scale of event and we usually conduct a Volunteer Drive through direct contact and social media (such as Facebook, Instagram and Linked In). Specific work requirements, including tasks and timeframes, will be outlined to ensure people can make an informed decision about whether the volunteer opportunity is right for you.

Examples of event volunteer work:

Newcastle Knights 50:50 charity raffle: This event was held on Mother’s Day and required 20+ volunteers to walk through the stadium, talking to patrons and sell raffle tickets using digital devices.

Christmas Appeal: This event is held on specific days in December and require a group of volunteers available to pack toys and gifts into bags for our clients and their families, based on information provided. This is seasonal requirement and will differ from year to year.

We Are Currently Seeking Volunteers!

Carrie’s Place are currently seeking volunteers who have experience, capacity and equipment to assist with delivering items or moving furniture; which are vital services needed to assist our Clients to re-establish themselves, once they have found a new home.

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